During my school days, I would be asked to write on topics like 'The Most Memorable Day in my Life'. Just to fill up pages, I would write on something which were not truly memorable. However, a couple of weeks ago something happened in my life, which I will cherish for a lifetime, a truly memorable experience. It was my first visit to Vattavada, a small village in Kerala with big-hearted p
Zucchini is one of the most popular veggies available around us. It belongs to the cucumber family, which has some many veggies that are our favourite. Zucchini can be found in several varieties of colours, ranging from dark green to deep yellow. Let us now examine the benefits of Zucchini: Rich in Nutrients - One of the most heralded benefits of Zucchini is that it is rich in many
Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that we seldom use everyday use every day. The Pumpkin is also one of the vegetables that you can use every day, thanks to it being a powerhouse of many essential nutrients and vitamins. Not just the fruit, but the leaves, seeds and most other elements of a Pumpkin can be used and they also pack a nutritional punch. Pumpkin provides a wide range
 Vitamin A is one of the most essential compounds for human health. Vitamin A compounds are fat soluble and essential for all most of the normal processes of the body. It is recommended that men get 900 mcg, women 700 mcg and children and adolescents 300–600 mcg of vitamin A per day. It shows how important the Vitamin A is. Let us examine the many b
Broccoli is one of the super veggies available around us. Despite being highly beneficial for health, it is also one of the veggies despised especially by children. Hailing from the cabbage family, this green cruciferous veggie has all that helps you walk in sound health. The benefits of this vegetable are worth noting and let us take a look: Prevents Cancer - One of the most celeb
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people should include at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables in their diet every day. Including this amount of fruits and vegetables helps prevent risks of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and others. It also helps prevent several micronutrient deficiencies.It is therefore clear that vegetables a
Bitter Gourd is one of the most beneficial fruits. It is also the fruit that most people do not like having due to its bitter taste. Though the Bitter Gourd is widely known as a vegetable, it is a fruit that belongs to the gourd family. The gourd family boasts of popular vegetables like Cucumber, Zucchini and pumpkin. Bitter Gourd is celebrated all around the world f
>മലയാളികൾക്ക് ഏറ്റവും പ്രീയപ്പെട്ട ആഘോഷമാണ് ഓണം. അത്തം ദിനത്തിൽ പൂക്കളം ഇട്ടു തുടങ്ങുന്ന ആഘോഷം പന്ത്രണ്ടാം ദിനമായ ചതയം വരെ നീണ്ടു നില്കും. ഈ ദിവസങ്
> Each day you wake up thinking about what to prepare that day and which vegetable to buy. You could buy safe to eat Carrot or Beetroot. Well, you could also buy 
Safe to eat is a relatively new concept and the perfect answer to one of the biggest problems the people are facing, which is getting good food to eat. Recent stats point out that almost 2.2% of the foods that we eat contain chemical residue more than moderate level. This is because the farmers use chemical pesticides and fertilizers in large amounts to get more y
From 2015, Farmers Fresh Zone has been providing customers with fresh and safe to eat produces. Our produces come from rural farmers who follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). This ensures that we are able to provide our customers with toxic-free and safe to eat vegetables and fruits; thereby helping them to experience better health. Being a customer, you may know all about the various
Vattavada is a beautiful place that best suits the farming of cold season produces. Let’s meet Mr. Abraham Jose and his wife Mrs. Saramma Abraham who have set up their farm and practice natural farming methods in Pazhathottam Village, Vattavada. Hailing from Kottayam, Mr. Abraham Jose and his wife has been interested in natural farming for quite a long time. They were also interest
ഫാർമേഴ്‌സ് ഫ്രഷ് സോൺ മുന്നേറുകയാണ് അഭിമാനത്തോടെ കേരളത്തിലൂടനീളമായി 450 ൽ ഏറെ കർഷക കൂട്ടായ്മകളുമായി കൈകോർത്തു ഞങ്ങൾ യാത്ര തുടർന്നുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കയാ