The Farmers Fresh Zone Process 21-August-2019 #

From 2015, Farmers Fresh Zone has been providing customers with fresh and safe to eat produces. Our produces come from rural farmers who follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). This ensures that we are able to provide our customers with toxic-free and safe to eat vegetables and fruits; thereby helping them to experience better health.

Being a customer, you may know all about the various vegetables and fruits you could purchase fresh from Farmers Fresh Zone. But, do you know the exact process that goes into sourcing the vegetables and helping you shop from our stores or delivering it to your doorstep? Well, let us take a look:

  • Identify Farmers – The best farmers employ the best farming techniques. It is they who get the best and safe to eat vegetables as a yield. Our first step is identifying the farmers in various parts of Kerala and South India who follow safe farming methods. We meet with them and learn more about their style of farming and their produces. Our first priority is to make sure that the farmers have only followed standardized farming techniques and continue to do so, no matter the scale of demand. This also ensures that the fruits and vegetables are toxic-free all the time. We also provide regular training to farmers and conduct regular farm visits to make sure that they follow safe farming techniques.
  • Research and Analyze – After identifying the farmers, we take samples of their produce and send it to be analyzed. This is one of our major processes to make sure of the safety and quality of the vegetables. We also check for the presence and amount of essential macronutrients, secondary nutrients, micronutrients and other factors like pH balance, available water capacity and so on, in the soil. This helps us make sure that the land is ideal for the plants and crops to grow the best way possible, without requiring any or much external influence.
  • Source Vegetables – Once a farmer is passed okay in the analysis, we would entrust an Agripreneur in the farmer’s locality to constantly monitor him and his farming techniques, and provide him with advice. Our Agripreneur will be the medium of communication between the farmer and Farmers Fresh Zone. Right from the moment of preparing the land and planting the saplings to the moment when it is ripe and ready for harvest, our Agripreneur will keep us informed of each and everything. Once the produce is ripe we would assist the farmer in harvesting it with care so that there are no damages. The produces harvested is then taken to our collection centre where it is checked again and sorted out. These produces are then transported to the regional collection centre.
  • Sell to Customer – The produces come to the regional collection centre from our various collection centres, within a couple of hours. This ensures that there is no question of freshness whatsoever. At the regional centre, the produces undergo a final quality check. The fruits and vegetables are then sent to our outlet stores and they are sold to customers, within a few hours after reaping. Customers can also purchase the produces online through our website and get it delivered the same day itself.

This is the Farmers Fresh Zone process that goes into providing urban customers with the best and safe to eat produces from local farmers. A major part of the revenue that we generate by selling the vegetables, fruits and other products go to the farmers.

Through this process, we aim to achieve our two-fold mission – one, to provide farmers with better value for their produces and two, to promote a safe to eat culture among the customers and help them lead a healthy life.