What is Safe to Eat? 28-August-2019 #Safe to Eat # vegetables # fruits # products #juices

Safe to eat is a relatively new concept and the perfect answer to one of the biggest problems the people are facing, which is getting good food to eat. Recent stats point out that almost 2.2% of the foods that we eat contain chemical residue more than moderate level. This is because the farmers use chemical pesticides and fertilizers in large amounts to get more yields so that they can earn more money.

One of the major reasons for this problem is that there are no proper processes in place to ensure that a farmer gets adequate value for his produces. Despite working hard, he is not able to support his family and falls more into debt because of the low value he gets from the middlemen. These farmers then resort to chemicals to boost their yield so that they get more value in a year. This strategy causes more harm than good, for the farmers, his soil and his customers.

>Why Safe to Eat, Where to Buy it from?

This is where Safe to Eat becomes important. Safe to Eat products are grown using safe farming techniques and no chemicals are used. The fertilizers and pesticides used to safeguard the yield are organic and good agricultural practice recommended ones. Vegetables and fruits which are grown this way cause no harm to the human body. Therefore, Safe to Eat vegetables should be what people purchase and consume.

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