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> Each day you wake up thinking about what to prepare that day and which vegetable to buy. You could buy safe to eat Carrot or Beetroot. Well, you could also buy Cabbage or the highly nutritious Ash Gourd. The list goes on and on and you will fall deeper into dilemma. At last, it would turn out that you would buy what is easily available.

One of the major reasons for this dilemma is a lack of awareness of proper diet and the amount of nutrition required per week. This is a situation that you can easily overcome if you have expert help and a monthly plan. Thanks to Farmers Fresh Zone Subscription box, you have just the perfect solution.

>What is Farmers Fresh Zone Subscription Box?

People would easily get bored with ordering vegetables and fruits every week. This is where subscription boxes become a great advantage. This takes out ordering every week out of the question and provides you with adequate amounts of nutritious vegetables and fruits according to your family size. Just order once, get it delivered weekly twice throughout a month and cook healthy dishes for your family. The Farmers Fresh Zone subscription box is a nutritional powerhouse and contains vegetables, fruits and salad dishes that keep you satisfied. 

>How to Book a Subscription Box?

Farmers Fresh Zone provides different subscription boxes, according to the number of members in a family. We cater to families consisting as small as 2 members to as large as 6 members. You can subscribe the box online by clicking here. You can select your family size and login to continue to the checkout page and pay for a month. Subscription boxes start at Rs. 2300 (for 2 members). Once ordered, the boxes will be delivered automatically to your home, 8 times a month.

We also offer a ‘Try it, Buy it’ offer where you can pay Rs. 500 and buy the first box to try it out. If you are happy with the box, you can pay for the rest and enjoy healthy meals. From Farmers Fresh Zone, you can also purchase Safe to Eat vegetablesfruitsproducts and juices. Shop now!