Beans Haricot

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Quick Overview:

This pesticide-free safe to eat vegetable consists of soluble fibre which decreases cholesterol level and eliminates harmful contents in the systems before it reaches the heart. They contain good chemicals like polyphenols, anthocyanins, and terpenoids that take care of inflammation and stress.

Storage method

Store beans in a moisture-proof, airtight container in the refrigerator. Beans will toughen over time even when stored properly.


Produced By

  • K G Selvam

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#720
  • K K Pandiyan Vattavada

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#747
  • Chinnamani Vattavada

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#750
  • Purple Patch Farm International PVt. LTD

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#1049
  • R Manikandan Vattavada

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#1050

Fertilizers Used

Good Agriculture practice allowed fertilizers

Pesticides Used

Organic Pesticides