Ivy Gouard ( Kovakka )

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  • Shajan Babu P S

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#116
  • Girish Kumar

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#205
  • Parameshwaran Nair

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#209
  • George T A

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#233
  • Unnikrishnan M K

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#386
  • Sunil Mala

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#425
  • Jose K A

    Product Code : FFZ-MP#685

Fertilizers Used

Chaanaka podi,Attin kattam,Kozhi kattam

Crop Description / വിവരണം

It grows in the tropical regions mostly. The plant is mainly popular for its medicinal properties. Diabetic patients benefit from the properties of the ivy gourd plant. The immature fruits are eaten commonly in many parts of the world.