I've been purchasing on-line from FarmersFz for the last few months and thoroughly satisfied with the produce quality as well as on-time delivery, each week. The vegetables delivered are so fresh that those seem like plucked just before delivery. Also it saves me a lot of time and energy from going for shop purchases, getting safe / good quality vegetables at my doorstep, at very reasonable price. I strongly support this bunch of youngsters who started natural farming, with a real cause to the society.Hrishikesh Nair, Infopark Chief Executive Officer

I am pleased to see the innovative initiative by FarmersFZ. It connects the ecosystem of farmers, suppliers and customers, making the purchase seamless and cost-effective. I have visited their farm and it was a great experience to see, how well they have set-up the farm and are maintaining it. As a regular buyer at FarmersFZ, I have always felt that the vegetables and fruits are fresh and healthy.. - Rinish K N, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) RapidValue

I started my association with FarmersFZ to provide pesticide free veggies for my family, especially kids. The nightmare of feeding poisonous food, changed to the bliss of having nutritious meal!!! The easy method of ordering, punctual delivery, great packing and transparent transactions make the whole process fulfilling. Lots of thanks to the whole team of FarmersFZ for giving us a wholesome experience. Nisha Binoy, First customer of FarmersFZ