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Apple Kashmiri Ambri (450gm - 550gm)
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₹ 125.00
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Ambri apple is the only apple that originates in India and is indigenous to Kashmir. The apple variety is appealing with a high keeping quality and is chosen for its sweet taste, crispness and fragrance.
Ambri apples are considered a good dessert variety because of their sweetness. Make them into sauces, pies, or other baked goods, or simply eat fresh out of hand.
Rich in vitamin C & dietary fibre, apples help boost immunity, protect from Alzheimers, diabetes and lowers the risk of obesity. Eating an apple everyday also helps relieve migraine & stress induced headaches.

Storage method:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Wrapping them individually in newspapers will prevent it from going bad collectively.

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